Ghana’s $1.2 Billion Beachfront and Skyline Mega Project In Accra

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The Marine Drive Tourism Investment Project  in Accra Ghna is a US $1.2bn beachfront and skyline project, which aim

The Marine Drive Tourism and Investment Project in Accra Ghana is a US $1.2bn beachfront and skyline project, which aims to turn beachfront from Osu Christiansborg Castle to the Arts Centre into a vibrant business and commercial enclave that will transform the coastal city’s skyline. The project which covers an area of over 240 acres began officially in June 2019.

The objective of the initiative is to help decongest the Accra city center, re-instate land for a befitting status of the capital city, and attract investment in the city center for businesses and leisure purposes. This video gives a comprehensive report about the ongoing mega project.

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